Planning wealth strategies

Those who are serious about being wealthy resort to all means to find a sure and fast way to climb up the financial ladder. They commit themselves to new money making programs and map out strategies in the hope that their dreams can be realized. However, it takes more than information and plans to get rich. You have to remain faithful to your strategies and maintain the belief that you are going to be rich one day. Before you begin implementing strategies, it is important to understand the positions you should desire in order to make your goals come true. In Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, he introduced a ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ which divides all the money makers in the society into four groups, the employed, the self-employed, the business owners and the investors. If you belong to the first two types of money makers, you work for money but if you are a business owner or investor, money works for you. To get wealthy the quick and sure way, you definitely have to aspire to be the latter two. The entire process towards the realization of wealth consists of 3 stages, which are security, comfort and wealth. You should make separate plans for each of them and determine how and when you will achieve these goals. Your goals have to be realistic and should be based on your best efforts to make them come true. Do not set targets that you know are impossible to reach.

After following your strategy for some time, you may come to a point where you feel your progress is stagnant. Do not just sit there and brood. You have to take care of the problem at the instance it arises and not wait till it gets too complicated. Find out the reason for the problem and the exact time it started hindering your progress. If it is due to lack of discipline, you have to overcome it if you are serious about getting rich. Most of the obstacles along your journey to wealth are just psychological discouragement. You can defeat the negative voices in your mind with confidence and self-belief. There is a saying that goes, ‘If you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall remove mountains?’ Every great achievement in the world began with faith. Don’t just tell yourself, ‘I think I will be rich’. Instead, you should say, ‘I know I will be rich.’ That is the true meaning of self-belief. Next, begin to work on the reality aspects of it. Get your friends to form money-making groups with you and make investments together. Most people lose track of their plans because there is nothing practical to refer their plans to. Discuss with your friends about all your successes and let them know when you are facing difficulties. Inspire each other from time to time, and overcome obstacles as a group. Most importantly, you have to cut out all negative influences and thoughts that may hinder your progress towards your ambition. Always think positive, think big and you will be living your dreams of wealth one day.

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