Inspiring riches

As the world gets more prosperous with time, people get richer and the standard of living improves accordingly. However, we do have to live with the fact that the moral standards of the world are at the most deplorable state compared to any era in the history of mankind. At that, it causes many people to wonder if it is true, as they say, that ‘money is the root of all evil’.

Money is just a commodity, and it is quite ridiculous to put the blame on a non-living object when things go wrong. It is true that after the advent of currency, the world has plunged into a series of great turmoil, whether politically, socially or environmentally. Multinational corporations of the world are stripping lands off the poor people, wars are fought out of ambitions of wealth and the environment has suffered from the advancement of industrialization. Not only on a worldwide scale, but it also brings personal misery to many who are wealthy. In light of all these misfortunes, it might seem that the accumulation of wealth is not exactly a most righteous thing to do.

However, it truly depends on the way you amass your fortune. If you are not gaining it by making someone else poorer, and your wealth is built by your own honest efforts to gain and save money, your fortune is justified by all standards of morality. Money is an infinite resource, and by gaining your own share of it, it does not make the world poorer altogether. In fact, financial investments can also be beneficial to the society, in that it opens up employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, it will be closer to the truth if you say, ‘love of money is the root of all evil’, because of all things, money does make a person more greedy. And it is common that those who are blinded by greed will resort to unscrupulous means to amass their fortunes. But if you ensure that your money is made most ethically, and distributed in such a way that it will benefit the society, your fortune can be a tremendous blessing to many.

Money is not an end in itself, just a means to an end. Many people think that money can buy happiness, but it is not true. Of all the things it can do, money can give you more choices and make your life less stressful. If you are wealthy, you can afford many new experiences, and choose the kind of life which you consider most suitable for you. While you don’t have to live with the burden of making ends meet, you can concentrate on the things that are truly dear to you, such as your family and friends. It gives you the liberty to appreciate life and makes the world a better place for all those around you.

Money is not evil in itself, and neither is wealth. If your conscience is clear that you have done no harm to anybody in your pursuit of wealth, then a fortune in your hands may be a blessing to the society. Make money the right way, and you will freely enjoy your wealth.

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