The Color of Personality

Personality comes from the Latin word “persona” which means “mask”. Thus, it can be said that personality is a ‘mask’ a person wears to face the world. No two persons are identical in terms of personality. A person’s tastes and ideas add to the colors of his or her personality. Effectively, personality is the outward reflection of a person’s inner self. To the world, personality is arguably the most long lasting map to the history of a person. If John is a person who likes to give to the less fortunate, people will remember him as a kind person. In a sense, personality is the colors of a person.

In the normal walk of life, we come across people who are more popular than others. Popularity is a subjective phenomenon and many a sociologist is still trying to figure out what makes for popularity. Recently, there have been reports about Britney Spears gambling in casinos and jumping into cars without wearing panties. Soon, she’s No. 1 on Yahoo’s Top Searched Item List. It’s strange, isn’t it? Surely, Britney Spears is a colorful person, right? A person with a bright personality is usually more popular than a person with a dull personality, right? Beautiful people are usually more popular than ugly people, right? Actually, it’s hard to pinpoint what kind of personality is popular and what is unpopular.

Behavior can be described as the manifestation of personality in response to a situation. No two persons will react to the same situation in the same manner. This is because of the person’s personality. Let’s take the example of an introvert and an extrovert. We shall create a situation to study how they behave in the same environment. The introvert and the extrovert are placed into 2 identical rooms at the same time. Every effort is taken to ensure that the environment is the same. They are told to read a book in 2 hours. Then, we ask a group of hooligans to go into the rooms and thrash the rooms. How do you think the introvert and the extrovert will behave in such an environment? We don’t know but we know they will behave differently.

Are you satisfied with how your career is turning out? Are you constantly on the lookout for a new job? You may not consciously know it but your personality has a great bearing of your job performance. If you are extremely shy and hate to socialize, you are not cut for a sales job or a PR position. You may try to change your ways and take on a more outgoing style but you may not be happy. There are some personality traits which are inherent. For instance, a lazy person is hard to change. If you know yourself well, you will find a career that suits your personality and excel in it.

If you are not sure about your personality type, take a personality test. It will serve you well to know yourself a little better.

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