throttling bandwidth with thttpd using URL patterns

thttpd providers excellent and easy to set-up bandwidth throttling based on files, directories, file types or default web server bandwidth speed.

If you want to cap the default bandwidth of your thttpd server to 512Kbps you will need to add the following configuration line to your thttpd config file:

** 51200If exe download files are consuming too much of your upstream, consider limiting download speed for all executable files via:

**.exe 102400

The above configuration line limits all .exe file downloads to max of 1Mbps per second at any time.

You can also limit bandwidth speed on some specific directory, for example, if you are providing a trial file downloads and want to offer better speed for your paid members on the same server. Create a folder named /trial/ and set-up thttpd config file to include

trial/**  25600

The above setting will limit all files located under /trial/  account to have a maximum download speed of 256Kbps.

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