Quick steps to improving Apache performance

Below, I have compiled a quick steps to make your Apache run faster and with better performance.

1.) When you are compiling turn off all the features and modules you do not need. The less the better.

2.) Turn off DNS logging with "HostnameLookups off" in httpd.conf file

3.) If you have .htaccess definitions, if possible, move it to httpd.conf file and turn off .htaccess lookup.

4.) If you prefer to use .htaccess, make sure you let the apache browser know that it should read it from the exact dir. For example, if you have /my/web/sites, configure httpd.conf to start looking for .htaccess only starting from /my/web/sites/ not just /my/ for example

5.) Tune MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, and StartServers

6.) If you are using mod_security always remember the more rules you have the less performance it is

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