MaxClients setting for Apache web server

In httpd.conf there is a directive MaxClients that is usually defined ~ 150. This value allows to serve more simultaneous requests and process queue more faster.

Please note that you will need to recompile apache httpd (you must edit the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT entry in httpd.h and recompile) in order to set it higher that 256. Remember that each daemon requires more memory and an average figure for each process is 4…8MB. For example, you can set-up MaxClients value to ~250 if you have a 1GB of RAM.


  1. dc says:

    If you run dynamic web site (with php)… then each child process could take up to 20MB!!!!!! This is why you need to do static content hosting from a different daemon (stripped down apache binary or something even faster…. )….

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